Staff and Volunteers

Staff Members and Volunteers

Here at the Source we have both staff and volunteers as workers. Because of the nature of the work we do here, we go by the first name basis to facilitate a more social atmosphere.

Staff Positions

Mr. Julien Pringle – Centre Administrator
Mr. Pringle manages all the day to day activities of the Source  including Staffing and their roles and responsibilities. He ensures timely paying of the bills so the doors can remain open for service.

Shannon Harris – Assistant Administrator in training
Shannon is solely responsible for  assisting anyone who visits the source. She runs the internet cafe and the purchasing of goods from the tuck shop. She is also the person who handles the booking of the facilities available at the Source. Last but not least, she is Mr. Pringle’s understudy.

Celia Lawson – Office Attendant
Celia is the person who keeps the Source in check. She ensures to have everyone visit a clean and tidy environment while keeping record of the tuck shop.


Damion Samms – Caretaker
Damion is our key security personel. He oversees the maintenance of the property and is most times the last person to leave the Source everyday. 


Jedd Chang – Peace Corps Volunteer
Jedd is a Jamaican WannaBee. He provides technical support in the running of the internet cafe and the tuck shop. Jedd also teaches introductory computer classes to persons who have interest and is willing to learn.

Hilary Nembhard – NYS Intern
Hilary is the Social Programmes Coordinator at the Source. She is solely responsible for all the programmes and events happening at the Source. She is very jovial, hard working and reliable; staff and the public alike find her to be very professional and enjoys working with her.


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