The Source, Savanna-la-Mar: As the newest of 5 Source community centres on the island, the Source Savanna-la-Mar is the largest and most unique in terms of its service offerings. This “Super” Source has an auditorium, kitchen, executive meeting room, internet cafe, and a computer training room. For more information about this Source and the story behind it, please see the video above.

The Source Centres: The Source is the JNBS Foundation’s innovative spin on a resource facility that provides access to business and social services from within the heart of a community. It’s designed to be a “social franchise” created through partnership with the community, private or public sector agencies and other organisations, built on the principle of a sustainable social business. In essence, the Source seeks to support itself through the provision of services that generate social improvements and serve broader human and community development purposes; any increase in revenue is put back into the business so that it can increase the social services it offers to the communities it serves. This social mission is very much a part of the culture and structure of the Source. The main areas of focus – social and economic – will always be in equal standing with the Source, seeking to maximise both in the long term. You can learn more about the Source Centres and their history at the JN Foundation website here.

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