Training, Training, Training

There is always something new to learn at The Source!

Within the span of one week…..

August 17-21- Ornamental Fish Training

August 22- JN Foundation ACTION volunteer training

August 24 and 26- New Basic computer training lessons

August 25- RADA training in the community garden

Come by The Source any day between the hours of 9:00 AM and 6:00 PM (12:00-4:00 on Saturdays) and see how you can get involved at The Source!


About jordanwaldschmidt

Peace Corps environmental volunteer serving in Jamaica. I work with The Source, a community resource centre, in order to raise awareness on environmental issues and to help them start a community garden project.

One thought on “Training, Training, Training

  1. Thank you

    I am interested in the training from RADA re-gardening and which had gotten the email earlier for the ornamental fish training.

    What do I need to do and how long is the session?

    Inderia 352-1052

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